EVENT RECAP: Weeds and chemicals information day with Geoff Messer

20th Dec 2022

NEWA spray and biosecurity teams, along with biosecurity staff and weed control contractors from Tenterfield and Inverell Shire Councils recently attended an information day on all things weed and chemical related. 

The 14 attendees gained valuable knowledge from presenter, Geoff Messer. Geoff has worked for 6 years with Queensland's Rural Lands Protection Board, 28 years with Dow AgroSciences (specialising in Integrated Vegetation Management), and now has his own company which provides advice on vegetation and invasive weed management. 

One of the take home messages from the day was that each weed incursion requires a three year plan. Geoff advised setting a budget and, as a general guide, spending 60-70% of this in the first year, 20-25% of this in the second year, and the remaining 5-10% of the budget in the third year. *This is contingent on continuous monitoring and adaptation to any issues that arise.

Geoff and his colleague provide a free, public woody and pasture weed advice help line called Woody Weed Specialists. The service is supported by Corteva Agriscience under condition Woody Weed Specialists have free rein to recommend the best products for issue, rather than rely on Coreteva branded products. 

Geoff or his associate can be contacted via email at: help@woodyweedspecialists.com.au or by phone at 1800 899 147.