EVENT RECAP: Black Knapweed field day at Tenterfield

15th Dec 2022

In November, three NEWA staff participated in a 2 day Black Knapweed (Centaurea x moncktonii) surveillance exercise at Tenterfield. The 26 attendees were made up of 13 agencies (8 LCAS and 5 state government) from 5 LLS regions. 

350 hectares of land and 12 kilometres of roads in Tenterfield were inspected to target the eradication of Black Knapweed in NSW during the event. It was a positive and enjoyable experience (despite the weather!) and no plants were found beyond the core infestation. 

Black Knapweed is listed as prohibited matter under the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015 and must be reported if found. You can learn how to spot Black Knapweed from NSW WeedWise and be on the lookout. If you think you've seen it, call the NSW DPI Biosecurity Helpline on 1800 680 244 or your local council to identify and remove the weed.

Click here for more information on Black Knapweed.

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