ACTIVITIES: Greater efficiency, reduced cost

21st Dec 2022

The primary force behind NEWA's selection of Kubota, diesel powered side-by-side UTVs was a deliberate move away from the use of higher risk quad bikes and towards safety. The side-by-side also has a greater operating efficiency, reflected in reduced operating costs. 
When undertaking spraying operations within a town, in parks and gardens, cemeteries and along road reserves and when spraying roadside furniture, the side-by-side is able to be driven by a single operator, is more manoeuvrable and faster to complete a given task. When used to undertake biosecurity inspections, the side-by-side is more manoeuvrable, less likely to be bogged, has greater torque and has a lower centre of gravity, when compared to the use of a conventional Ute. The hourly operating cost of a side-by-side is 50% of a utility vehicle, however, when labour is added into the equation, the total [dry] cost to operate a side-by-side is $64.06 compared to $127.25 for a Ute. It's therefore not surprising that the Kubota ATV is in great demand at NEWA!